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Extruded Profiles

An Rubber profile is an amazing thing. You have an idea, you want something attractive or something practical, built for functionality and built to last, so you choose an Rubber profile. With shape and design, the profile can help realize your idea.






EPDM is an excellent compound for variety of chemical applications.

Temperature Range : -60 to +300

Chemical Resistance: Hot Water and Steam, Glycol based brake fluids, Organic and Inorganic Acids, Phosphate Ester Based Fluids, Soda, Potassium, Silicon Oil and Grease, Ozone, Aging and Weather resistant.



Poly Vinyl Cholride, Soft PVC is one of the most widely used plastic material. It is produced from Sodium Chloride and Natural Gas. PVC is an excellent resistant to oxidizing good weather ability and good excellent dimensional stability.

Temperatue Range : +20 to +70

Applications : PVC has a wide range of applications like Water Distribution Piping, Tubing, Beedings, Medical Applications, Packaging and etc.


Silicon is inhert, odorless and hence is ideal for medical and food applications. It also has excellent heat resistance coupled with superb insulations and dielectric properties making it an ideal choice for insulation applications. Silicon has best Cold flexibility, Excellent heat resistance, Good Insulating properties, Good Ozone & Weathering resistance, as well being neutral in its properties.

Temperature : -50ºC to 232ºC

Chemical Resistance : Ozone, Aging, Weathering, Animal & Vegetable oil, Grease, Moderate Resistance to Mineral Oil.