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Flexstone Polishing Products

Flexstone regulating Wheels

Flexstone regulating wheels for centerless grinding. Flexstone manufactures regulating wheels (sometimes referred to as "feed wheels" or "control wheels") using the superior process. These wheels are available in 12 inch diameters, in various widths and with various recesses. These regulating wheels are very hard and wear resistant. Many demanding and typical applications were targeted with outstanding results. Proven advantages include greater grind control, excellent form capability, longer wheel life, low cost, extra value & more.

• Grits available - 60-120 & 180-220

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Flexstone Straight Wheels

Flexstone Large Straight Wheels have found wide application for removing rust, heat marks, tarnish, excess solder, scratches, corrosion...blending in and polishing welded seams after rough grinding...polishing bearing surfaces and raceways...removing burrs and breaking edges...smoothing and polishing castings and punched or sheared pieces...wet sanding of gem castings...wet sanding of gem stones...trimming plastic articles...smoothing glass edges...cleaning before welding or soldering...and for countless other deburring, smoothing, and polishing operations.

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Flexstone Flexible polishing wheels

Flexstone offers rubber bonded grinding wheels since 1995. Flexstone Flexible Polishing wheels offer wide and most economical solutions in fluting, clearance and point grinding operations. These wheels are all super balanced and speed tested for operation in excess of 60 m/sec. The form holding and cool cutting nature of the bond ensures uniform web thickness on the job. These wheels are suitable for both HSS drills and taps.

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Flexstone Hypodermic Needle Slitting & Cut-Off Wheels

Flexstone offers Hypodermic Needle Slitting & Cut-Off Wheels. These are made to exacting standards for fine and thick wall needles. The cut produced is burr free and conforms to international standards. Flexstone wheels are also made for varied applications like tungsten rod parting, connector slitting, resistor grooving, wire sharpening in card clothing, glass tube cutting, metallurgical sample cutting, etc. The wheels are made as thin as 0.2 mm and can be used for any critical application wherein the material cost and accuracy of the "cut" are most important..

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Flexstone mounted points

Flexstone mounted points are available in cylinder, conical and bullet shape the best answer to many difficult deburring, smoothing and polishing problems. They are easily shaped to contour while being used or by using a conventional dressing tool.They are ideal for cleaning and polishing grooves, ball corners, flares, angles and other hard to reach surfaces as well as for use on moulds, dies, castings, combustion chambers and ports, stainless steel tanks, shafts, turbine blades, and many other critical applications and are widely used in polishing of Turbine blades in Aircraft, Surgical Knives, Special Blades, Cutters & Die Polishing (contour).

Maximum Safes Speed 25,000 Revolutions Per Minute. Best results are usually obtained at 30% to 80% of Maximum Safe Speed. Use a light work pressure. .

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Flexstone blocks & Honing Sticks

Processing the same superior qualities as other Flexstone products, Flexstone Blocks and Sticks are excellent hand tools for cleaning and polishing metal surfaces, for breaking edges, smoothing away high spots, removing rust, heat marks, tarnish and stains. Designed for either manual or mechanical operation, they can be mounted in tool holding fixtures, chucks, or cradles. Use them for polishing shafts...damascening...cleaning and dressing diamond wheels...polishing rotating cylindrical parts, cleaning calibrations and reference points, and for removing feather edges and touching up cutting tools, dies, chisels and other sharp edged tools.

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Flexstone Discs

Flexstone Small Wheels - Tapered Edge

Flexstone Shaped wheels have a tapered edge which makes them exceptionally versatile for fine work on small and delicate parts...ideal for polishing, cleaning out and finishing decorative and intricate designs

Flexstone Small Wheels - Straight Edge

Flexstone Small Straight Wheels can be mounted on conventional portable motor tools and used on a broad list of deburring, smoothing and polishing applications. They can be used on countless operations requiring absolute control of metal removal such as in micro-deburring, relieving stress concentration areas and polishing away fatigue lines, scratches and other surface defects. Ideal for work on dies, moulds, instruments, control mechanisms, electronic parts, jewelry, aerospace components, plastic articles, light castings, models, and super sensitive scientific devices.

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